Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wendy Snyder (2)

I have previously interviewed Wendy Snyder for Chicago Radio Spotlight, but I also recently conducted this mini-interview of her for SHORE Magazine...

Wendy Snyder // WLS Radio, Chicago

Wendy Snyder started her radio career as a rock jock at the Loop in Chicago during the ’80s, and has since cohosted radio shows with the likes of Tony Fitzpatrick, Bill Leff, Buzz Kilman and Steve Dahl. She is now the traffic reporter on the Don & Roma show every weekday morning on WLS (AM 890), and the cohost of Women of Mass Discussion every Sunday from noon to 2 p.m.

Radio Philosophy

I just want the show to be entertaining. I love to tap into stuff that everyone else can relate to, and talking to the listeners is the best part. I love it when they get involved in the show and play along. I also think it’s really important to be yourself. In the old days of radio, you really felt like you knew the person on the air. We seem to have gotten away from that. Many people on the air are trying to be something they’re not. No one seems to be true to themselves anymore. What you see is what you get with me. I can hang with the boys and swear like a sailor, but when the situation presents itself, I can really act like a lady, and a professional one at that.

Best Advice

My radio pal, Buzz Kilman, always says, “Never miss your company holiday party.” And, I have to tell you, I never have.

Best Perks

Perks? There used to be plenty. You could get any and all the CDs you wanted, and concert tickets aplenty, but not anymore. Nowadays it’s even tough to get a free T-shirt. The times they are a-changin’.

Something Listeners Don’t Know about You

I like to do little projects around the house, many involving a drill. I grow tomatoes and cucumbers every year. I know my way around a Weber Grill—gas, of course. And believe it or not, I like the girly stuff, too. I am obsessed with shoes and purses. I am a total makeup freak. I am also way into cooking. I have really fancy Wusthof Trident knives, and I know how to use them. I also spent about 50 bucks on a black Peugeot pepper mill. I like to pretend I’m hosting a show on the Food Network when I’m in my kitchen.

Best Thing about Doing Radio Here

I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life, and the people in this city are completely accepting. When they like you, they really like you. It’s a total feel-good.