Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bionce Foxx

I recently conducted this mini-interview of Bionce Foxx for SHORE Magazine...

Bionce Foxx // WGCI Chicago

Bionce Foxx hosts the midday show at WGCI (107.5 FM) in Chicago. She calls her program Foxx on the Box, and it airs each weekday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Favorite brush with greatness

My favorite “brush with greatness” actually came before my radio career started. I had the opportunity to meet Princess Diana when she visited Chicago. I was actually in awe that she took a few moments to speak with me. Although she was a royal, her demeanor was so down to earth and friendly, which impressed me the most. I admire her work as a philanthropist and for helping so many people. I have always been intrigued with the Royal Family, and to have actually met the Princess was quite an honor. When I bowed to greet her, she told me that that was not necessary but she appreciated the gesture. I was truly inspired.

Best Advice

The best advice that I received in my radio career was to “be myself” on the air. The reason that is the best advice is because that is so easy to do . . . it is not necessary to be pretentious or try to be something or someone you are not, and besides, that would be too much work. Of course in life not everyone is going to like you, and you certainly cannot please everyone, but being myself is what I do best and I can only be me!

Best Perks

The best perks of having a career in radio is not the free tickets to concerts or meeting and hanging out with celebrities or going to the hottest events. It is when a listener calls or emails me and tells me that I said something to make them happy or I inspired them or I blessed them. That is what really counts to me, having a positive influence on people, uplifting and enlightening people. There is no better perk than helping others.

Something listeners don’t know about you

There are lots of things that listeners may not know about me, because I am constantly doing something to better myself and I enjoy life and like to live life to the fullest. But one thing that they may not expect is that I am learning to ride a motorcycle, and by the time they read this story, I hope to have my motorcycle license and own a Harley! Sorry, mom and dad, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!

Best thing about doing radio here

The best thing about doing radio in Chicago is that Chicago has such a rich history of legendary broadcasters. Chicago is truly a radio town, because there is a connection between radio personalities and their listeners. I feel as though listeners are like my extended family. They invite me into their lives on a daily basis, whether it’s in their cars, homes or their workplace, etc. I visit listeners, I talk to them outside of my air shift, I reply to emails, I sometimes find myself counseling and just being a listening ear to my listeners. I truly love what I do and I appreciate the love and support that I receive from everyone who listens to the Foxx on the Box show.