Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shelli Harmon

I recently conducted this mini-interview of Shelli Harmon for SHORE Magazine...

Shelli Harmon // Sunny 101.5 FM, South Bend

Shelli Harmon is 1/3 of the Jack, Shelli & Bruce show at Sunny 101.5 in South Bend. The threesome with the playful camaraderie can be heard every morning from 5:30-9a.m.

Radio Philosophy

I go with the 3 Bs: Be prepared. Be yourself. Be fun!

Favorite Brush with Greatness

I would have to go with Don Henley. I was working in New York and lucky enough to go back-stage after a show. It was when he was touring for his monster album, Building the Perfect Beast. Don Henley was the kindest, most down-to-earth celebrity I’ve met. We sat and gabbed for about a half-hour. He wasn’t rushed or hurried and had the softest hint of a good ol’ boy Texas accent. He was just a lovely person. The framed picture commemorating that occasion still proudly sits on my desk.

Radio Influences

I grew up listening to WLS out of Chicago. I listened religiously to Larry Lujack and Little Snot Nose Tommy Edwards. Also, Yvonne Daniels was amazing. She broke ground for women in broadcasting in so many ways. However, I decided radio was my calling after I went to Marriott’s Great America and had a visor signed by John Records Landecker. I thought that was sooo cool. I later told that story to Mr. Landecker when I met him at a radio conference. I was in awe, he just chuckled.

Something Listeners Don’t Know about You

I grew up near Lake Michigan, and I still don’t know how to swim. I love being on the beach, wading in a bit, and hearing the waves. I didn’t want my son, Lucas, to have the same phobia, so I insisted he take swim lessons. He loves to swim and tries to get me to learn. It’s one of my goals along with remembering where I put my car keys. Although I swear my husband, Karl, hides them from me . . . exactly where I left them.

Best Thing about Doing Radio Here

The best thing about being in radio here? It’s home! I grew up in Southwest Michigan. I was born in Benton Harbor, raised in Coloma. I still have tons of relatives and friends here. I feel connected to the beaches, orchards, festivals and everything in between. After working in places like New York, Charlotte and too many other cities to mention, I missed the Midwest feeling you can’t get anywhere but here.