Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Vacation

I'm going to be taking a short sabbatical from Chicago Radio Spotlight this summer. I have all three boys home with me all day every day, and I discovered the last couple of summers that their presence doesn't happily coexist with attempts at conducting professional interviews.

(Photo:Rick & Bridget Kaempfer)

Chicago Radio Spotlight will return at the end of August. If there's anyone out there that you'd really like me to interview, drop me a line. I have a list of upcoming interview subjects, but I'm always open to your suggestions. If you have contact information for the interviewee...all the better. My e-mail address is

In the meantime, I will still be covering the media (among other things) in my daily blog (Rick Kaempfer), and I will still be writing my weekly humor column for NWI Parent (Father Knows Nothing). My Cubs history website (Just One Bad Century) will also be up and running all summer.

Also, I've written a few articles for SHORE Magazine that will be coming out in the next few weeks. I interviewed a bevy of Chicago television personalities including Mark Suppelsa, Mark Giangreco, Dane Placko, Kristyn Hartman, and Bob Sirott. When those articles are out, I'll post the link here.

Have a great summer, and thanks for your support these past few years.

All the best,